How do you change an .LMLM File back to it's original file?

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I kinda accidentally changed all the LMLM Files Into Notepad things and i don't know how to change them back T^T
For what reason do you wish to change it back?

If you just want it to be able to play the mod from within, then what your PC decides is the default program to open it with doesn't matter. Just place the LMLM file inside of the "Mods" folder that comes with Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher.
What I think your trying to say is that you opened a Lmlm file with notepad and now windows associates Lmlm files with notepad and therefore showing a notepad icon. If so follow this YouTube video to remove the association and remove the notepad icon next to them
If you accidentally openned an LMLM file with a notepad, yet the file extension is still .lmlm - it's fine, you don't have to change it
If the file extension was changed - it's gonna be a bit of a problem
Hi Amy Rose,

If you associated a file with wrong program, you can follow the link Stevens100 provided: or follow this guide:

If you're trying to reverse an LMLM file back to the original content, that's not really how that works. I can assist you with that potentially if that is the case.
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