Colored Headlights

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Hello, I would like to ask, if anybody knows a way to color the headlights of a vehicle without editing the whole "common.p3d" file.
I've been adding headlights to a car and colored them, however they're staying there wether a character is in or outside the vehicle.
If there is any way to actually get a car headlights different from the rest, I would appreciate so much if anybody can help me with this/has any knowledge on how the headlights work on this game.
I know how, I've done it. But I'm not sure how to explain it. I'll try to make an unlisted youtube video of how to do it within 24h.
Unfortunately, I was unsuccesful. Sorry.
It's fine, thanks for trying to help though! I've managed to get different headlights on a car, however its just like siren lights, never goes off.
I don't believe what you want to do is currently possible.
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