Can Someone Rig This Model For Me? (Blender Will Not Work On My Computer)

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Hello Everyone, I Feel Really Stupid For Asking This, But I Need A Model Rigged And Everything Else For My Mod, (Fart Mod) I Will Give You Credit In My Mod Description: Dead Rising 2 Katey Greene Model


I Want To Do It Myself, But My Computer Is A Potato And I Get An Error Every Time I Try To Start Blender.
(The Error Is Because My Computer Doesn't Meet The Requirements)

If You Do Happen To Rig The Model And All That, Just Send Me A Link to Mediafire or whatever you share it to,

The Model Is Supposed To Replace Stonecutters Homer BTW

Anyways My Apologies, -Listentomyfart465

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Welp, I Was Afraid Nobody Would Help Me, I Guess I'll Wait Till I Get A New Computer That Can Run Blender
I can try.
Hey, I don't mean to sound mean and I know this unrelated, but why do you type with constant capitalisation? It makes your posts harder to read.
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[deleted user]8 months
What do you mean by "rig"
@Jake AndreĂžli Sorry I didn't reply sooner, But I was afraid someone would ask that, first I'm sorry, second, I normally type like this for when i make a video title for YouTube. I had no idea this would annoy people so from now on, I shall type like this.

(The reason I haven't replied was I was busy working on my mod) :)
It's all good, I just wanted to ask because it makes your post a little harder to read. I think you got a little carried away with title case. For titles, that's perfectly fine to write it that way. It's when you start using it everywhere, where it starts to be difficult to read.

Glad to hear you're still working on your mod!
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