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Nicktoon Characters Pack

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Play as your favorite Nicktoon from five shows

play as your favorite Nicktoon on each level of the game

Main post could explain a bit more, and possibly include some screenshots.
i'm about to right now
is Zim in it? If not will you please add him?
Zim now that a great idea I might replace Carl with him
this is a great charachter pack g:) It would be cool if you made a cartoon network one and included charachters like johnny test etc. (you can find alot of models that have been ripped from fusion fall on modelsresourse)
good idea I might make it in the future
Please replace carl with either Zim or my favorite character Gir. Gir looks a lot more fitted for Homer
Hey. Is it okay if I use your Angelica model for a mod I'm working on. I promise I'll give you credit.
sure but credit me
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