The Simpsons Hit & Run - Character Costume Bundle - [Release]

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meanwhile while I'm working on my SVM mod file restoration, I've decided to release my created character costume bundle. You can freely use them in your mods, but please credit me if you do use them.

The "mod" only includes P3D files. So just drop the files into your art/chars folder and just add them to the script and do all the other needed stuff (costumes have their own names, it does not override any original files).


Have fun modding, and let me know if you include these costumes in any of your mods, cuz I'm curious.

See ya whenever!
Might use some of these. Thanks!
Nice one! I imagine this being very useful, especially to people with no modelling skills
I moved this over to the Mod Resources board since its just loose P3D files.

Cool pack though, nonetheless. I really like Icecream Homer.
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Please refer to DT docs about that.
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You can find it here.
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