Can i please have help, thanks

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Hey, I'm Aaron nice to meet you all.

I'm very new to this modding stuff. I have downloaded Lucas Mod Launcher but how do I use it? if someone can help me I will be ever so grateful. Also, where can I download the SpongeBob mod? and how can I play it on Hit and Run?

Thank you so much.
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This is how you can use it, when you first press the "Launch" Button for the first time when opening the application, it will ask you for the game executable. Go into your game directory using the built in navigator and find "simpsons.exe". Then press launch, there is also a resolution mode next to the launch button that can display any resolution (that can find your monitor) and display it in window or full screen mode. Any mods you download go into the Lucas Hit and Run Mod Launcher's "Mods" folder. It should be located right next to the application in whichever folder you installed it to. There is one preloaded mod named "Cheat Keys" this allows you to use cheats using the number keys, F7, and F4.

2 - Double the current vehicle's speed
3 - Stop the car entirely
5 - Reverse the car instantly
6 - Instantly fix the car (no wrench required)
7 - Launch the car into the air
F4 - Teleport the car to wherever the character that you are playing as is.
Shift + F4 - Opens the phone booth to select your vehicle
F7 - Teleport the car and or character forward a certain amount, it has a default set but can be modified.

Here is the "Annoy Squidward" Mod that you request (Which is the sponge bob mod):

Side note about the mod: You need WinRAR to extract the file that contains the mod, mods have a file name of ".LMLM" at the end. A .rar file will not work with the Mod Launcher. Have fun modding!!
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