Donut Mod L1M3 Crash

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Everytime I start the mission it crashes. Help?
Are you guys looking into it? ;_; I wanna play more Donut Mod
Like everyone else having this issue, I'm going to tell you the same thing: We have looked into it and have no idea what the issue is. We'll let you know if that changes.
Is it maybe because I'm using the sierra bestsellers version?
It shouldn't be. Lucas' Launcher has support for Bestsellers edition and it should work just dandy with every single one of his hacks.

While this isn't a recommended solution, you could perhaps try messing with the compatibility mode of the Launcher. I believe an earlier forum user (Gibstack) and another person before that reported that they were able to get around the crashing issue by changing the compatibility mode to Windows XP SP3, and playing the game that way. Once they beat the mission, they save, remove the compatibility settings, and continue playing the game as normal.

That being said, if you do attempt to try this, please make sure to turn the compatibility mode OFF after attempting this. Lucas doesn't personally recommend doing this since it breaks a couple of his hacks (such as Modern Computer Support), so please use this at your own risk and make sure to disable this after you've gotten around the crashing issue!

Otherwise, I can link you to a save that has L1M3 beaten along with the previous two missions if that doesn't work.
Thank you, it worked :D
Can you send me a link where L1M3 is beaten?
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