(Parody)CineModSins: No mod is without a flaw

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[center]Hey there, Gordon here, and I got bored and decided that making very short parody mod reviews would look neat and I was wrong
In the end I came up with an idea of making these reviews in style of Cinemasins, you should probably know what this thing is

So, I'll be playing any possible mod I can get my hands on, and then lazily edit the video so it looks like it's actually something interesting
You can also post your mod suggestion under this thread!

NOTE: I am NOT actuallly critiquing mods, The CineModSins is created solely for entertainment purposes - I will roast every mod in every possible way, which doesn't mean I hate the mods I'm "reviewing". If I somehow made you feel bad about your mod - I'm sorry

The Videos

1. Homer The Detective

2. Annoy Squidward

3. Moe The Vigilante

4. Storm Over Springfield

5. A Christmas in Springfield

6. Cops: In Springfield

7. Mischievous Night

8. Springfield Noire (L1)

9. Springfield Noire (L2)

10. Springfield Noire (L3)

11. Sunday Drive

12. Night-mod

13. ???
The only mods I'd like to see for now (in no particular order):

-Road Rage Returns.
-Some Challenge Mod (if there still was a download link).
-Storm Over Springfield.
-Easter Mod 2: Twice as Big, Twice as Deadly.

I'll come clean now: I still have the last version of SCM.
That was pretty funny. I look forward to seeing more.
Heads up, a new episode about Annoy Squidward got released just now, you can check it out! :p
Spoiler: Everything Wrong With the Annoy Squidward episode
It's not the right version of the mod.
EDIT: I did not see that this was already acknowledged in the chat replay.
A new episode about Moe The Vigilante just got released! You can check it out :)
A new episode about Storm Over Springfield is now available!
If you ever do a DM sins video, can I do the voice over for it?
Not really sure when I'll start working on Donut Mod though, but I'll DM you in Discord when I do
This is actually pretty cool Gordon, keep em coming, pls dont rip my mods to pieces (or do, i love these vids)
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