CineMod Sins: No mod is without a sin

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Hey there, Gordon here, and I got bored and decided that making very short parody mod reviews would look neat and I was wrong
In the end I came up with an idea of making these reviews in style of Cinemasins, you should probably know what this thing is

So, I'll be playing any possible mod I can get my hands on, and then lazily edit the video so it looks like it's actually something interesting
You can also post your mod suggestion under this thread!

NOTE: I am NOT actuallly critiquing mods, The CineMod Sins is created solely for entertainment purposes, and if somehow I made you feel bad about your mod - I'm sorry

The Videos

1. Homer The Detective


2. Annoy Squidward


3. Moe The Vigilante


4. Storm Over Springfield


5. ???

The only mods I'd like to see for now (in no particular order):

-Road Rage Returns.
-Some Challenge Mod (if there still was a download link).
-Storm Over Springfield.
-Easter Mod 2: Twice as Big, Twice as Deadly.

I'll come clean now: I still have the last version of SCM.
That was pretty funny. I look forward to seeing more.
Heads up, a new episode about Annoy Squidward got released just now, you can check it out! :p
Spoiler: Everything Wrong With the Annoy Squidward episode
It's not the right version of the mod.
EDIT: I did not see that this was already acknowledged in the chat replay.
A new episode about Moe The Vigilante just got released! You can check it out :)
A new episode about Storm Over Springfield is now available!
If you ever do a DM sins video, can I do the voice over for it?
Not really sure when I'll start working on Donut Mod though, but I'll DM you in Discord when I do
This is actually pretty cool Gordon, keep em coming, pls dont rip my mods to pieces (or do, i love these vids)
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