Crazy Frog Racer Hit & Run

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The real road and downtown of Crazy Frog Racer
with the same 12 characters there is The Annoying Thing and Ellie and Jack & The Holiday Thing and Jack and Flash and Grim and Drone and Michel and Sub Drone and Bobo and Boss Drone and Cow.

Link to download: Link Removed
Enjoy :)
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Welcome back.

I was going to play your mod but there seems to be some sort of compilation error.

Unfortunately, I can't help because I don't know to fix this but I hope someone else is able to.

EDIT: After reading Jake's post below mine it seems that you are either the funniest troll we have ever had in the community, or just a moron. It's funny either way but I really hope it's not the latter.
The file isn't an LMLM file. Its Phatasy Star IV Disassemby for the Mega Drive/Gensis. That can be found here:

Image of a hex editor with the file open:

Because this isn't a mod, i'm removing the link.
The legend has returned!
This mod is a timeless classic, so much so that Donut Mod 4 was cancelled because the developer team realised that they had been beaten.
I don't know what the deal is with you, Protix. Is this some kind of joke like with how your Hong Kong 97 mod was so low quality that MACCA couldn't be arsed to fix the numerous bugs/crashes in his re-release? Because I'm not laughing.
[removed]2 weeks
This is certified bruh moment.
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