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How do I change NPC Drivers

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I really want milhouse around to drive bart around in the honor roller
You Need To Change The SetDriver In The CON File! Just Change Bart To Milhouse.

Also Check The Level.mfk And Make Sure If Milhouse Is A Not Suppress Characters!

If Milhouse Is A Suppress Characters!! Add The // To Him.

NOTES: Put It In Your Mod!

To expand a bit on the above answer, the con file is located in /scripts/cars/honor_v.con, and the SuppressCharacter part is in the level.mfk file for each level, located /scripts/missions/level0X/level.mfk where 0X is the level number.

However it's not recommended to change the files in the root of the install, instead it's better to create a mod using the CustomFiles hack to dynamically overwrite the files.
Thanks Proddy and Andrewmac1111 your a huge help!
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