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The Simpsons: Hit & Run [recreated on Unity]

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Sorry for my English.Also, I want to thank the donut team for the programs that help me develop this game. Hello everyone, I’m developing a game The Simpsons: Hit & Run for unity 3d. At the moment I need help with the card, since I don’t have much time to transfer it. If you want to help me with the development, then unsubscribe under this topic and I will answer you. That's what my project is right now
Not sure how far you will go with this but any attempt at recreating the game I find really impressive and I definitely want to see more.
Выглядит довольно многообещающе! Наверняка полностью воссоздать игру на новом движке будет необычайно сложно, но мне будет интересно посмотреть что получится в итоге) Кстати говоря, какие у вас проблемы с картой? Я не эксперт но могу помочь чем смогу
Looks really promising! It's obviously gonna be very hard to fully recreate a game on a completely different engine, but I'll be looking forward to see the results) Btw, what problems do you have with the map? Not really an expert, but I can try to help
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This looks very impressive
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