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12000Hz Sound Quality (Half the quality of the original)

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Every sound in the game has been reduced from 24000Hz to 12000Hz (and then back to 24000Hz because fuck hardcoded sample rates). In other words, they're quality is like a 5th Generation game (PS1/N64). This includes the ambient noises, music, sound effects, and voice clips. You can choose which ones to change or leave alone in Mod Settings.

Custom sounds are not affected by this mod.


Fun Fact(s)

  • I was originally doing an experiment with how the game would handle every sound if they were all in Ogg format. Literally every RSD file was converted to Ogg. I read somewhere that it isn't ideal to use Ogg for sound effects. The reason why wasn't clear, so I assumed it just meant that stuttering is more likely to happen compared to Wave files. I didn't notice anything different with Ogg SFX, but I later found another source that explained that Ogg was lossy instead of lossless. In other words, Ogg's quality is technically worse but not totally noticeable. That source was one of the things that inspired me to make the quality of SHAR's sounds even worse to give it a 1995-2001 feeling.
  • There was a game for 6th Generation consoles where the quality for SFX in the PS2 version was a lot worse than the GC and Xbox versions. The music remained untouched. So I decided to try and recreate the way the PS2 version made the sound files by allowing people to change only specific sound types if they don't want to hear low-quality music.
  • The skidding sound misled me into thinking lowering the sample rate of a sound as all I needed to do to make this mod. When the original skid sound was converted to Ogg, the pitch was unaffected by the game despite having a sample rate of 22050Hz. When I lowered the quality of every sound, they all played at high speed despite being in Ogg format. Like converting every sound to Ogg wasn't already time-consuming.
  • I was unsure if I should've released this since literally every sound file in the game is included in this mod. They were just slightly edited to be worse. However unlike most of my mods, this one in particular is not decompilable.
Now do the sound quality from the 4th generation consoles, SNES/Genesis
Did you make the RMV's into Yiffy quality?
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