Hey donut team, any plans to add the other levels to road rage returns?

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Just asking, since it would be great for all of the road rage levels to be recreated. Like the level after the dam and power plant, downtown!
Currently, the Donutteam staff want to prioritize Donut Mod 4 more than any other mod because it has been delayed for a long time. I can't speak on behalf of them so don't get your hopes up, but at one point they considered scrapping road rage returns and replacing it with another road rage themed mod that included the maps you mentioned. This idea hasn't been mentioned for a while, but then again neither has Road Rage Returns.

Another thing to mention is that community members are getting better at making custom maps so it might not be long before they will be porting them instead.

But who knows.
Macca, when you say “porting” do you mean directly taking a level from road rage, and putting it into hit and run, without having to recreate it?

Did the team behind road rage returns recreate the levels or did they just, as you say, “port” them?

Is porting as I described it even possible?
We ported the maps, we didn't recreate them.

We want to return to RRR at some point though I'm not sure when that will happen.
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