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The Cell Phone Car vehicles (A, B, C and D) set the "SetCharactersVisible" variable in their CON scripts to zero, effectively not rendering the player if they enter the vehicle. These are the only four vehicles in the game that do this.

I've thrown together a little mod that sets the value to one, making the player visible and fixing the "issue". I've heard of a few mods that intended to fix this, but I'm not sure if they were ever released with the fix, or released at all. Please note these were never finished correctly by the original game developers, so some characters can clip through the roof at times (much more noticeable with taller characters).

Mod is decompilable, content can be used without credit. Should work alongside other mods as long as they don't edit the cCellA, cCellB, cCellC or cCellD .CON files.



[deleted user]7 months
Thank you for making this mod! The invisibility issue has always bothered me since I got to drive these cars for first time (back in late 2000s) and I'm glad to see someone fixed them and released as a mod. I remember fixing these myself a couple of years ago (while backing up original game files) when I wanted to drive the Cell Phone Cars in free roaming mode with visible characters. It's a shame that the developers didn't catch this problem before the game was released, considering that no other vehicle in game makes the character invisible.

You mentioned that some of the characters are clipping through the roof of the car. This is true because the car seems a bit smaller than the character scale (in screenshots Bart seems to look fine but I know Homer, Marge and Apu will clip through the roof) and I know a couple of vehicles adjust the player character scale to make it smaller and fit correctly inside. I suggest to do the same for the Cell Phone Cars by setting character scale to around 0.65 (try to experiment with different sizes until you think it is the correct one, I personally used 0.65 in past and the characters looked fine). Note that the SetCharacterScale option is not set inside the Cell Phone Car con files, so you have to manually add this line (after SetIrisTransition line):

This should make the characters appear correctly inside car and no more clipping through the roof. Hope this helps!
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