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If it's at all possible, is there a way to import/convert Pure3D models for use in programs besides Blender? (i.e. Milkshape, Maya) Because Blender is the most annoying, non-functional, user-unfriendly software in existence that refuses to install or enable any add-ons.
If you want to use maya, Just import the XML into blender and export it as an OBJ, Then just import that OBJ into maya or whatever tool you want to use
and to export it just export it as an OBJ and import that OBJ into blender and export it from blender as an XML.

Although i recommend you use blender since XML carries data from the p3d that OBJ doesnt like the baked textures/vertext colours

also I dont have those problems with blender, Make sure you using it right
The format is XML and the add-on is open source. I'm sure you could make an extension for any program you'd like to use it in another program.

Blender is fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it, it just takes time and patience to figure out all the keyboard commands.
If your having problems with Blender add-ons and Blender in general, you might be using the wrong version. The official version for XML that DT has supports up to 2.79 and some people don't see that and use 2.80. Using this (Credit to Some Bot) you can install the XML Add-on for use in Blender 2.80 (Personally, I find 2.80 to be a lot more user friendly than the previous versions for beginners.) Any other solution is just try to install the add-on again or switch to 2.80
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I tried exporting as XML to see if that would work, then my computer froze up and now it gets stuck on the boot up screen when I turn it on.

I don't know if it's Blender or the add-on but either way it broke my f***ing computer.
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