Fun Mod (New Missions!)

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Yeah, its been a while  i was quite busy doing a small mod so far i  made first level completely the second one is getting done some levels are already done so yeah lol if something goes wrong you are free to tell me. This was dedicated mod to kyle sad hes not here anymore but, i continued this mod even i suck at mods since im 13 it was my birthday not long ago actually... but you might quite like it!
Also Creeeeeeeeeedeeet for the Mtn Dew Wehicle i love it! (Yes i got Permission)
Some Credit for Donut Team i used their help to make stuff

Download Monday 
and the mod?
i think is going to be a good mod anyways
This old but yeah i wont probably publish it Monday since im busy translating and stuff but its 95% done new missions cars and new stuff soon
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