Autumn Texture Pack (1.00 Release) - Late, but (hopefully) Still Great!

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It's that time of year again...Hallow-Huh? Whaddya mean I'm late? Christmas? You've gotta be jokin-

...You're not. Oh. Well. Huh....

I originally was trying to get this thing out by at the very least the end of fall this year, but long work shifts and some issues with the family that I'm still going through at the time of this writing caused me to push it back a wee bit. Figured I'd release it now as sort of a cruddy little Christmas gift, and because it seems Christmas is going to be a bit...warmer for me, than I was expecting. Maybe I'll get a Winter-themed texture pack out before January wraps up, but we'll see...We'll all see...

This Autumn Texture pack is a fairly thorough rehaul of the color schemes for all 7 Levels (and the main menu, to boot!) to give the game a bit more of an 'Autumn-y' feel. Using shades of orange, yellow, brown, and a little bit of everything inbetween. Skyboxes have also been adjusted, too!

Donut Mod originally shipped with a texture mod edit with a similar visual style goal as this one. We ended up abandoning it ages ago though when the mod grew in scale because none of us really wanted to maintain it. I ended up thinking about those texture edits while trying to come up with a Halloween mod and decided to start from scratch with the end goal of making something more colorful. Hopefully somebody will find this useful or mildly charming!

Spoiler: Features

  • A re-haul of most of the game's base textures to include more 'Autumn-y' colors (as stated above). Grass is now a bit of an in-between from green and yellow, the tress have had their colors turned a nice red and or yellow...Hopefully you get the idea. Those screenshots below might give you a better idea than just words can create.
  • An adjusted main menu, just for the season! And every other season after it! It's future proof! Get an early very brief taste of those delicious shades of fall colors I keep ranting about right before you even dive into the game.
  • A cola-infested Level 6! It seems the aliens have poisoned the water in all of the region...Cola is now as far as the eye can see in the ocean, and the waterfalls are overflowing with that sugary junk. Get off your Duff, because we certainly won't be drinking any of that tonight. Go check it out!
  • Blue navigational arrows! In an attempt to give each one of the game's maps a bit extra zest with the new textures and to help the navigational arrows stick out a bit more, each one of the Levels now contain light blue navigational arrows to guide you to where you need to go.

Spoiler: In-game Screenshots (1920 x 1080 Resolution) - Imgur Album

Spoiler: Things that need to be worked on

  • The Bonus Game textures have not yet been touched. I rarely play this mode myself and I feel a majority of people won't mind it's absence in this release, but I feel it's only fair I disclaim it here.
  • Level 3's skybox has not been modified in any significant way in comparison to the other skyboxes present throughout this mod. I couldn't get a color scheme I really liked going and might just keep it as-is unless I start experimenting with it all again.
  • I might have missed one or two textures. Feel free to give me a holler down below and I'll take a gander at what I missed.


The mod attached above is in .lmlm format, but is decompilable. Feel free to use the texture edits in any shape way or form you'd like! I'd love to see some more Level visual re-hauls such as this one!

If you want to use these textures for a new playthrough, try enabling them on a new file with Lucas' Mirror Mode mod enabled! Good luck! Don't let muscle memory screw you up. If that's not enough, try starting from the game again with the more powerful cars at your disposal and do a New Game + playthrough. See how fast you can get through the game with this new coat of paint applied!
Looks good dood. Its also nice you did all the levels and not just L1 like a lot of re textures
Great! Looking forward for a Winter Theme!
Haven't seen a good retexture mod in a while, nice job!
If only winter retextures were this amazing. Well done, Kenny!
Pretty cool job!
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