Hellfish Mode Reborn [Level 1 Demo]

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Here we go again...

Hellfish Mode was the first mod I originally intended to release. The original concept threads can be found here and here. I ended up cancelling the mod for a few reasons. Firstly, I had announced the mod way before I actually ended up having a PC copy of the game to create the mod with. Secondly, a mod had came out around the time called Frank Grimes Mode which had a very similar goal to Hellfish Mode but was already completed and was better than I could ever hope my mod to be. Lastly, there was an overall lack of inspiration and knowledge on my part.

After all of that history, most of the reasons in which I cancelled the original mod no longer exist (I have more knowledge and inspiration, actually have the game and have been modding it for a while, and I realised that Frank Grimes Mode's goal, while similar to mine, took a different approach to fulfilling it then what mine was going to do. So, I have decided to restart development of the mod (not that it ever really started), this time under the new name of "Hellfish Mode Reborn" and with some changes to the original concept.

So, what does Hellfish Mode Reborn do? It makes the missions from the regular game (including Bonus Missions) much more unforgiving than their original counterparts without altering the mission concept, only the execution. There is a slight difficulty curve, however.

While the full mod currently isn't available, I've released a Level 1 demo that includes the first eight missions, plus the Bonus Mission. The rest of the levels will eventually be made available (not sure on what basis, either one big update or multiple updates) but for now I'm taking a temporary break from modding.



Mod Creator

Beta Testers
Gordon CMB
Kenny Giles

The current number of beta testers is by far enough for the mod. However, if you want to help out, positions are always open.


Download Level 1 Demo [v1.00]
Hey DeepFriedBurger Can You Make Level 2 Please
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