How big can a custom map be?

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If i were to create a custom map, how large could I make it? What's the size limit? Could all the shipped maps be combined into one like the developers originally planned?
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There are no map-making tools released as of right now however one is in the works and should be released very soon.

There are some limits but there are no specific ones and the mod launcher frequently gets added support to increase those limits. So once the tools are released the maps can be pretty large depending on the number of tris.

The game was not originally planned to have all 3 maps combined and would look really shit if you tried it.
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If there are no map tools available as of now then how have several custom maps been created? (Giant toilet/Christmas in Springfield/Road Rage Returns, ect.)
A Christmas In Springfield is a modified version of Level 4 made manually with the Pure3D editor.

The Giant Toilet was made by us (Donut Team) with the tool we haven't released yet.

The maps in Road Rage Returns were ported from the original game using this tool (though this functionality is currently broken and will not be apart of the initial release).
Also, to actually answer your original question, probably unfathomably larger than anyone would ever realistically want for a map in this game.

In other words, there's effectively no limit on this but mathematical inaccuracies at absurdly high limits technically impose one.
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