Road Rage Remake

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I am not a modder, this is just a request. I think it would be awesome to remake Road Rage in Hit & Run instead of a sequel mod. Because we know we can remake the textures from Road Rage so it would be awesome to get a remake with everything the same but with better graphics. Thank you for your time and i hope someone can make this happen.
It's definitely possible as shown by DM4's taxi missions. But it's a lot of work, Road Rage Returns has nearly all of the models ported into the correct P3D format. Maybe one day it'll happen, I don't speak for anyone here though.
Remaking the Mission Mode (or parts of it) might be possible, although all maps (some currently aren't ported) would be needed. Not so sure about the Road Rage and Sunday Drive modes since a mission has a hardcoded limit of 25 objectives. As for the Game Boy Advance-release exclusive Performance Mode, I can see it being a Wager Race replacement of sorts if only it's gameplay could be re-created.
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