LEGO Yoda Takeover - Release Version 1.0

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Giving a new mod to you all, I am.

This is yet another jokey mod like the COPPA mod, except this one is a lot more extensive.

You can play through the entirety of the game with LEGO Yoda!
Complete with his signature flip jump, he is going to destroy everyone and take their studs.

Also... everyone else, even the COINS, are LEGO Yoda as well.

Expect a lot of screaming.

This mod also features...
  • Replaced Gag Models!
  • A Special Alt Costume in Level 7! Make sure to save up...
  • A Star Wars Font!
  • Yoda's Lightsaber vehicle that is pretty OP.
  • Literally only one voice line. Yoda's scream!
  • Harder Missions! I recommend you use the Lightsaber for every mission.
  • Yoda, Yoda, and also Yoda. Everything is Yoda. YODA.

Currently, this mod only changes sound effects, character models, gags, vehicles, etc.

Map textures, meshes, and music may come later if I ever make an "Extreme Edition" of this mod.

Good mod this is
Recommend playing it I am
Mmmmmm, play this mod I will (I am slowly losing my will to live)
This isn't Annoy Squidward.
Complete, the circle now is.
good vrety goooooooooooooooooooooooood you cool night bane i am so happy
Mmm.... Reply on old topics, you cannot.
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