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Today we're announcing new requirements for any new mod topic posted to the "SHAR: Mod Showcase" board.

These changes are fairly simple and we hope to see users update their old threads to make it easier for people to discover their mods.

These are requirements for all new mod showcase posts. Failure to do so will result in the topic being deleted and a warning being issued to your account.
  • Topic title must match the mod's title; examples include:
    • Donut Mod 4 - Out Now
    • Donut Mod 4 - Level 2 available now
    • Cops: In Springfield - Official Release (1.03)
  • The first line of your post should be a brief description of your mod, under 300 characters.
  • At least one screenshot or video of your mod should be included.
    • You can upload your screenshots to Once uploaded, right-click the image on Imgur, copy the link and paste it into an img tag using the BBCode editor.
    • You can upload your videos to YouTube. Once uploaded, copy the YouTube URL and paste it into the youtube tag using the BBCode editor.
    • In the case of an audio only mod, you may also use Soundcloud to share your tracks in your post.
  • Flair must be set to one of the following:
    • Released
      • The mod is fully available. You may still update the mod, however you consider what content is in it to be feature complete.
    • Coming Soon
      • The mod has news to share, but is not yet released. You may offer private betas and look for play testers or people to assist you, however you must have at least one screenshot or video of the mod to show.
    • Beta Release
      • The mod has a public beta available. It may not be complete and you acknowledge it has bugs or balancing issues. It is not indicative of a final release and you plan on updating it.
    • Discontinued
      • The mod is no longer being updated or worked on. Do not change your mod to "Discontinued" if your mod is considered feature complete.
  • Do not create a mod showcase topic for a mod that is coming soon if you do not have at least one screenshot to preview to the community.
  • Ensure your download link has a URL tag wrapped around it to make it clickable.

  • Upload your mod to a public file sharing website such as Dropbox, MEGA, OneDrive, Google Drive. We do not recommend using Discord, however this isn't outright banned.

Any mods made prior to this change are exempt from these changes, however if you update your mod, you must adhere to these changes.

Board: Mod Showcase
Topic Title: Jake's Mod
Flair: Released | Coming Soon | Beta Release | Discontinued
Jake's Mod is a one level campaign mod featuring your favorite Donut Team Co-Founder, Jake, searching for the stolen website source code in an all new mystery.



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