The Simpson Hit And Run: Nightbane Edition

Posted in SHAR: Mod Showcase
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You know Nightbane Games? The guy that makes the funny videos about Steamed Hams and Spongebob. Well he's gone too far and has injected his 67.5k subscribers into the earth, turning everything into him. He's also changed background audio into his singing the Gummy Bear song or saying '50/50 grind'.

Basically what I'm saying is I replaced assets in the Australian Edition with Nightbane cause I was bored.

Finally, Night-Mod 2
Wait for Nightbane to make a video about this so that those fucking bots re-upload the video. But this time, they can't hide the fact that it's stolen.
This mod is so good I decided to cancel SNoire because it obviously doesn't stand a change against this masterpiece
totally serious
This mod is better than Donut Mod 4. Good job Tappie2020!
Is nice
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