Ice Skating Lisa

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Stroll through Springfield with some ice skates. This replaces Lisa's normal outfit. So what if there's no ice? This is from a universe where unplugging something defeats an evil museum exhibit. Did I mention CUSTOM ANIMATIONS WOOHOO!


Fun Facts
  • I was going to replace the footstep sounds. But since those are linked to Bart as well, I decided not to.
  • I was going to add a few more custom animations for an idle animation, landing from jumps, and stomping. But they looked good enough with Radical's animations.
  • I was never considering to make Lisa use roller skates. Because "ice skating" sounds cuter.
  • I am aware of how strange it looks to walk off a ledge. But I didn't want to leave the single-jump animation untouched.
  • The Extra_Attributes joint holds the data for doing the footstep sounds and particles. The add-on Weasel made doesn't automatically change it to match walking animations, so I had to manually change that joint.
glad you're enjoying custom animations 😊
Nicee, i love this Lisa mod!! I hope that some day with the newly added custom animations, someone from the team, can change the running animations for all of the 5 characters, especially for Marge(she has the ugliest ones i ever seen at all, like a running zombie xD)

Cheers and best of luck my friend!!
Doing this with all characters would be awesome!
Hmm I love how she can drive with Ice Skates that would be a challenge for me!
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