SH&R: Mutahar Edition....

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I used Australian Mod (by Donut Team) to make what ever cursed thing i just created..... this mod replaces all textures with Mutahar's face from the yt channel, SomeOrdinaryGamers..... don't ask why i did this i, saw a mutahar vid and saw someone make a sphere model with his face on it and decided hey im very bored time to make a mutahar face mod.... (mod isn't decompilable, i accidentally got rid of the decompile thing in the meta.ini and didn't feel like retyping it for a stupid easily recreatable meme mod)


Download Link
If this ever gets an update due to popular demand (which Iā€™m sure it will), please do the character/location icons šŸ˜…
It would be way more hilarious if all the sound effects were replaced by Mutahar's laugh
i needed this havent played it yet but every single dialogue should be "ladies and gentlemen"
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