Pickle Mod 1.1: The Treehouse Of Horror Update - COMING SOON!

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Thanks a lot guys, I hope it's just as fun to play as it was to work on. Hopefully everyone gets a couple of laughs out of it!
This is a very cool mod, Its like a good team protix mod. I love all the little features though, like the portals, fire comes of the back of the delorean and all the new shortcuts. Some very nice work here, especially considering all this was done WITHOUT blender!
That awful Team Protix mod is nothing compared to Picke Mod.

This was really worth the wait, Joshua! I love the new areas and the vehicles.
i get a message saying the no bonus game hack is not loaded, what am i suposed to do?
Do you have Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher version 1.25 or higher? I believe that is required and the lack of it is causing the issue.
DeepFriedBurger thanks that’s definitely it, I’ll edit the post with a small reminder to update your launcher.
You can use the `RequiredLauncher` command in Meta.ini to avoid this issue in the future
Updated to 1.0.2. Small update that fixes the "floating" bus stops in level 2 and 3. Also re-enables StartingCoins, NeverBusted, UnlockAllRewards and NoJumpLimit hacks due to popular demand!
Awesome update, thanks. Can't wait to play this mod when I get home
The Treehouse Of Horror Update has unfortuantly been delayed. Comign soon:

- Level 4 with a new area
- New Halloween costumes
- New Dark type Pokemon cards to collect
- New Holiday themed vehicles and NPCs
- New main menu
- New 3D icons
- New sound effects
- Rebalanced missions
- Bug fixes
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