The Simpsons Hit & Run - The Racer Mod - [Sort of announcement... ish] [Last update: 05/25/2020]

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Hello, community members of the Donut Team community (idfk),

So, I made a lil poll in the DTcord, about a new map designed specifically for races. I'll add some details after I got any progress of this mod.

Current leaks:
So the map will be divided into 4 different biome areas:

Biome #1 - Plain biome;
Biome #2 - Volcanic biome;
Biome #3 - Canyon biome;
Biome #4 - Jungle biome.

Note: these may change at some point.

The mod will have 3 gameplay modes:
- Exploration mode (for exploring the map, finding secrets, collectibles and etc.)
- Racing mode (nothing else but racing)

I'm not yet sure about the execution possibilities, so these modes may be scrapped.

Map layout:

Currently, I just made this thread, to ask YOU, what sort of map details/terrain/obstacles you'd want and like to be featured in this map (since it WILL be released for public use (for races)), sort of like bridges, jumps, off-roads, mountains, tunnels, jumps and etc., but maybe you'd like something more specific. Lemme know in the comments.

Please do not suggest any city or original map content. :D

Los Springeles is still coming, just sort of a side project, since developing LS is too exhausting

See ya around.
you know what I want?
Buildings you can drive in, like driving inside a school or a office
I think that would be fun
There'll will be a 1-3 buildings just for the sake of buildings and livery, but I'm not gonna do any more buildings, since it is a race map and don't want to do the interiors, as LS is already interior heavy. I'll direct your suggestion towards LS.
My idea: driving through the Level 2 car wash or in an area similar to the railyard would be cool.
Again, I'm not planning any buildings for this at all, I want it nature-based tracks and very minor adjustments (bridges, mineshaft maybe, laid road). :D

Might consider doing a separate map with more buildings and all.
Sorry, I somehow ignored the "no interior" part.

Anyway, something else I can think of is maybe adding a criss-cross road (shaped like an X).
how about a broken bridge over a river?
perhaps a cave inside a hill too
The X road will definately be a thing, in various ways I think. Y roads will also be a thing I think.

Bridge over a river? That could work, with death triggers in the river, like a broken bridge ramp.

Caves - definately.
there could be trucks going against the grain, bombs that explode when touched.
I don't think, that exploding stuff and piercable tires are possible.
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