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Hello, this time, it will be the last publication on ideas and suggestions, because it was not because of the criticism I had, but rather I stopped liking it in this section. and well, I returned to the character of pikachu, since after all, I did not work with anonymous. and well, in this suggestion, this time, it will be that we can swim in the simpsons hit and run, and I know it would seem ridiculous at all, but if you think twice, you will already know that it is not a very good idea and all that.

To give you an idea, imagine that using a mod, you jump off the bridge, and instead of teleporting to a place, we fall yes or yes into the water, and we will be standing while we swim

Here, depending on the arrows to move the character, which in my case are W, A, S, D, let's move the character and we will see that he swims moving it, similar to the gta sa

What if we want to get out of the water? you have to hit the "turn off the car" key, which in my case I have set to N, and they will take us back to the street

PD: Do not judge me, try to be as detailed as possible, but it is what I can, if you have any questions about that suggestion, I will answer it as I can, greetings to all
I changed the title of your post to be more direct, though this is a good write up for an idea.
Oh well jake, and that I did not realize in an instant, I thought that my account was hacked or something like that xD the title is fine :)
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