Blender 2.8+: Weasel's Map Data Editor 1.0 - Blender solution for creating/editing Roads, Paths, Fences and Locators!

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WMDE (Weasel's Map Data Editor) is my latest and biggest blender add-on yet. It's a Blender 2.8+ add-on used for editing Roads, Paths, Fences and Locator s

I've been working on this tool for quite a while now (way back in early March!). It's mostly intended for creating a map from scratch. I was developing it for my own project at the start but it grew a lot. I'm releasing it now because it was kind of dependant on Pure3D Editor's 4.4 release and the tools introduced in 4.4 - Import/Export all Roads.../Path.../Fence...
A short list of features:
  • Each aspect of map data (Roads, Paths, Fences, Locators) has its own module that can be toggled on and off
  • Create road shapes with several procedural operators like straight rows and circular pieces
  • Create road shapes with the use of blender's curves. This includes precise bezier handles, efficient draw curve tool and much more
  • Create roads based on existing ones. For example: add an adjacent road with one click, or flip the direction of an entire road with just 2 operators
  • Full-blown wiki of the tool and general .p3d knowledge
  • Helpful tooltips are included almost everywhere so you don't have to open the wiki every time
  • Custom icons

Happy map making! 😉
looks nice. great work
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