Blender 2.8+: Weasel's Map Data Editor 2.0 - Blender solution for creating/editing Roads, Paths, Fences and Locators!

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WMDE (Weasel's Map Data Editor) is my latest and biggest blender add-on yet. It's a Blender 2.8+ add-on used for editing Roads, Paths, Fences and Locators

I've been working on this tool for quite a while now (started way back in early March!). It's mostly intended for creating a custom map from scratch but can be used to edit original SHAR maps as well. I was developing it for my own project at the start but it grew a lot. I'm only releasing it now because it was kind of dependant on Pure3D Editor's 4.4 release and the tools introduced in 4.4 - Import/Export all Roads.../Path.../Fence...
A short list of features:
  • Each aspect of map data (Roads, Paths, Fences, Locators) has its own module that can be toggled on and off
  • Create road shapes with several procedural operators like straight rows and circular pieces
  • Create road shapes with the use of blender's curves. This includes precise bezier handles, efficient draw curve tool and much more
  • Create roads based on existing ones. For example: add an adjacent road with one click, or flip the direction of an entire road with just 2 operators
  • Full-blown wiki of the tool and general .p3d knowledge
  • Helpful tooltips are included almost everywhere so you don't have to open the wiki every time
  • Custom icons
new in 2.0:
  • Easily Create and edit locators and their triggers/matrices
  • Type 4 and Type 12 camera-related locators can be used in blender to pick the right camera angle/fov with instant feedback
  • Generate a k-d tree based on ground collision markers
  • Merged Instance list generator into WMDE and added import functionality


Happy map making! 😉
looks nice. great work
2.0 Version finally released! (hopefully I don't have to make a lot of hotfixes and patches) Road, Locators and Misc Modules have been updated with a lot of features.
  • Updated Road Module, fixed some bugs
  • Locators Module fully* implemented (*everything that has been deciphered by Lucas, at least)
  • Tree generation (Misc Module) implemented (requires a set of intersect markers)
  • Intersect markers (iMarkers) import implemented
  • Instance List import/export implemented

Also stay tuned for "custom map making" tutorial I might announce very soon. (This update was the last thing on my to-do list)
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Is this usfule create an horror game in gamejolt?
Hey there! This tool is dedicated towards modifying Simpsons Hit & Run maps in order to create entirely custom ones, such as some you’ve already played according to your profile information (The Giant Snowglobe).

Please don’t bump threads with questions that don’t pertain to the tool itself or modifying Hit & Run. It’s better to watch some Blender or Sketchup tutorials for that sort of thing.

Thank you!
I have to say, this is INCREDIBLE! Weasel On A Stick, you have made some great mods, and now giving your true tool that makes everything cool is awesome. I hope everyone who uses this tool will bring some great thoughts and actions as you have made it to be.