"Skip Main Menu" causing Phonebooth error

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Hey guys,

I am new to modding SHAR using the launcher so maybe something I am doing wrong.

So since playing through the begging to end of the game, I noticed most cars in the phonebooth I had either paid for or required through missions were always appearing as unavailable i.e. any starter car for each level or a car like the Plow King unavailable in any level, even going back to level 1 despite it being required to complete the game, I bought Plow King again, restart and it's gone again.

I narrowed down the setting that appears to a least trigger this bug and that is "Skip Main Menu". Every time I'd load up with the setting, it all goes wrong, reload without, it's all good.

Any help would be appreciated!
Sounds like a nasty issue. I'll make sure the team sees this since it seems to have been overlooked.
Just for more info, are the cars that are unlocked via bonus missions and street races also relocked when the hack is active, or are those unaffected?

EDIT: Upon testing it himself, one of the team members found that when using the No Main Menu hack, the rewards file in your save is not loaded, so your progress in terms of vehicles and costumes unlocked will effectively reset. Hopefully this can be fixed, but for now I'd recommend disabling the hack if you're planning to save the game.
Apology for the delay in response, I'm glad I've been able to find an overseen bug and they are able to fix it. I'll keep it turned off for now. Just bugs me I have 102.5% completion with 6/5 cars collected haha
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