The 8 Errors / Bugs that are not so well known in the Simpsons Hit and Run

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Hello everyone, in this time, I'm going to bring you a post, about the 8 Errors / Bugs that are not so well known in the Simpsons Hit and Run. Before I begin, I will clarify a few things. 1, if you want to check these errors or bugs, I recommend that you have activated the lucas launcher, the "Cheat keys" of General, "Never Busted", "No Jump Limit", "Interior Jumping", "Interior Kicking" and " Interior Sprinting "of Settings (the others are optional of Settings, are optional) and" Debug Test "of Developer (so that they are not known, the Debug Test, apart from changing textures, mechanics, etc., can be used to deactivate the HUD , go through walls, restart the music, etc.) 2, In some posts, depending on the opinion of the reader, they may really be an error / bug, or it is a simple coincidence, I put them simply because they are not so well known or are not so spoken in the community. And 3, If there is any post that is wrongly explained, tell me where I am wrong and I will fix that post later. Let's start.

It happens at level 4, in the mission "Eight is Too Much" and we can see that if we kick Julius Hibbert, inside his clothes, he has no body inside the clothes, he just sees his mouth and his head in your clotheses.

This happens in level 3, in free mode, that if you jump and go to those broken walls, you can go through them, and it is because it is used later in level 6, where the secret car is.

This happens on level 3 and 6, also in free mode, where next to the giant ship, if you go to the 2 ships, you will see that instead of the roof having a normal texture, it will have a multicolored texture that is not what's the truth called but I saw it somewhere in the Lucas Pure3D Editor.

This only happens in level 7, in free mode, in which if you go to this pumpkin house, and you put this position in the car, you will see that inside the window, it does not match the light of the window and it will be seen the black lines of light from the window.

I do not know if this is a mistake or it is pure coincidence, but this happens in level 2 and 5, in free mode, where we can see flat doors (or poorly made), wide doors and doors that seem to be in the air, in instead of the ground.

This error or bug is very difficult to do if you do not use tricks and/or mods and this happens at any level of the game, in free mode, in which you have to mount any vehicle, put it in car view mode and try to That the character is seen below the ground, I repeat, is somewhat difficult to do if you do not use cheats and/or mods.

This happens at level 1, 4 and 7, in which if you go to the bridge and turn the camera to the right, you will see that the trees will also become like part of the sky (for level 7, to save you from Get on the military fence, hold down the "H" key and go through the military fence or whatever it is called, turn the camera to the right and the same thing will happen as before).

And finally, this happens on level 2 and 5, in free mode, in which if you go to the bank, you cross the table where people are served and you turn the camera, you will see that there is nothing in the other part of the bus and You will see too, floating bricks.


Well people, that is all, if I am missing one or if I have erroneously explained in any post, let me know and I will put in a new post and I will fix the explanation of that post. Greetings to all.
The hibbert glitch also happens with the zombie woman of level 7, only that she has no feet, and walks half weird. In fact, I was quite disturbed the first time I saw it, and it still scares me
Wow, i see, I think you are somewhat right about the zombie woman, I checked to see if it was true and in fact, yes, she has no feet and that she walked strangely, very curious indeed.
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