the game is not running: "Please Insert The Simpsons Hit and Run CD 1"

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I have installed the game, and crack the exe file, and I run the game and it said "Please Insert The Simpsons Hit and Run CD 1" Can someone help to fix it?
You're either missing files that are necessary to run (also known as the full install) or your crack is not working as intended. Do you have any additional information and can you verify your game's installation
dialog.rcf is missing
That is an important file, it plays all the dialog in the game.

- Mission Dialogue
- Character Dialogue when in and out vehicles
- Tons of Side-Character Dialogue
- Traffic and Pedestrian Dialogue
- Menu Dialogue

If you don't have a spare, or a way to restore the file back to it's right place, then i'm afraid you're at a halt here with your Hit and Run game, you can uninstall, and reinstall it to get all your files back, but at the cost of your progress. However solutions could be a thing with others if they reply
I just uninstalled and reinstall it and it worked, thanks for your help :)
I edited your topic title and marked this as resolved so others may find this helpful in the future.

Glad to hear your issue is resolved.
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