Apu Sells Bonus Cars!

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Apu Sells Bonus Cars!

You heard it here folks, introducing this new mod that makes apu (level 1 at the kwik e market) sell all 7 cars.
Level 1: Speed Rocket. Location: At the ”Golden house at/by the Rich side (near the Gasoline station).
Level 2: Monorail Car. Location: On top and right next to the Monorail station near the Googolplex.
Level 3: Knight Boat. Location: On top of the “C-Spanker” ship and hidden in a bunch of those green crates near the walkway and the lighthouse.
Level 4: ATV. Location: At the “Royal King Trailer Park” between two carriages.
Level 5: Obliteration Big Wheel Truck. Location: At the Stadium on a high stand by the water fountain (not very well hidden).
Level 6: Planet Hype 50's Car. Location: At the Planet Hype just below/beneath the top somewhere.
Level 7: R/C Buggy. Location: On top of the ”Krusty Burger“, the one near the Kwik-E-Mart/Spook-E-Mart
All of these cars are purchasable in level 1 and can be used in the other 6 levels spawned by using the telephone
the vehicles aren't meant to be spawned so they don't have images in the telephone the damage image and the normal image doesn't exist
so you have apus car texture. sorry.

the videos laggy sorry

Download Here

reuploaded the link, the file is smaller and the icons for the cars uses random ones because their aren't
pre made images for them since there not meant for the phone booth. (it uses a destroyed car picture put it really isn't destroyed.

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I've delisted your download link. This goes against our mod guidelines:

You do not need to ship images that the game already provides, it just makes the file bigger for no real benefit. The only files needed are:
  • atv
  • dune
  • hype
  • knigh
  • mono
  • oblit
  • rocke

and their damaged variant.

I also recommend creating art for the new vehicles as using the Longhorn for each icon is confusing to the user.

Once you fix this, you may change your flair back to "Released" and provide a new link.
what images do i add? there are no images for the bonus cars
You can create your own using the Pure3D Editor and image software. That's your decision of how you want to do it. However, I'm just saying resolve the file issues because there is no reason to have duplicates of every file used in the game in that folder.
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