MOD Argentina Clothing (Beta Release)

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Hello people, I am pikachu, this time, I want to bring you my first mod, and it is about Argentine soccer clothes, it is about characters having Argentine soccer clothes, from levels 1 to 7, for now it is in beta Since I don't have any experience with mods, I don't know how to put the textures on the characters' clothes, so I could only put the American apu, the Argentine texture. Even so, I hope you like it and have no problems with donutteam for this mod of Argentine clothing, I repeat, it is my first time that I am in this world of mods. Greetings to all.

New Changes V0.4:

*Now the flag of the united states of springfield school level 1 and 4, changes to the flag of argentina


[removed]3 days
Los simpsons se hicieron argentinos!, buenisimo jaja
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