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Hello people.

This time, I will bring you another simple, but incredible mod, about the HUD, which now has the best quality and the best resolution (perhaps) in HD, simply its function is in that, which makes the HUD have better quality and resolution. Sorry for the inactivity, I was busy with personal issues, like virtual classes, etc, but I'm back for more mods.

New Changes V1.1:

*Improved location icons.

*Glitter effect on the icons.


Download Link
That's sounds good for HUD in HD his much better!
Good Luck !
Looks nice. Good job
are all the icons ??? If not, I can help you by doing more
Well relatively not, for now they are for icons of the characters of the game, I will update until it is completed, and the help, I would have loved you to help me, but I can do it alone, unless it is a story mod.
I prefer the original HUD icons.
come on update please, just hurry!
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So you don't gain anything by pushing developers with an update, I'll only release the update when it's ready and when it's complete
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