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I have an idea and if we do a project to translate mods?
Español:tengo una idea y si hacemos un proyecto para traducir mods ?
русский:У меня есть идея, а если мы сделаем проект по переводу модов?

I am Argentine for whom anyone are interested
soy argentino para quien le interese
Я аргентинка, для которой ты заинтересован
Tried twice, failed miserably
Intenté dos veces, fallé miserablemente
Пробовал дважды, успешно провалился
I have never translated a mod, but I would have thought that it's a tedious process and as far as I know, very few modders speak a second language fluently. Eventually when the community is larger I could see more mods adding support for it in order to cater to a larger community, but as of right now we have bigger 3 eyed fish to fry.

Also welcome back to the community Gordon.
I should also point out a work in progress Spanish translation of Nightbane's mod, Annoy Squidward, also exists. However, I'm uncertain if it's been publicly released yet. It's one of the other translation mods that I know of.

But yeah, the biggest issue with tackling a translation outside of the issues MACCA mentioned in the above post is that dialogue can also be a concern, unfortunately. A casual player would most likely preferably like to have every asset in the mod in their native language, and text only might not be what they're looking for. With the case of most Simpsons-themed mods, it can be tricky to staple sometimes together dialogue from SHAR/the official translation of the show. Not to discourage fan translation projects! I'd love to see more work of the kind, I just think there are some hurdles that make it more difficult in practice.
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