The Curse Of The Flying Hellfish - Development Ceased [Beta 2.7]

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Hey there, Gordon here
Have you ever wanted a mod based off a certain episode? Not only that, but a mod based off one of the best episodes of the best season? (at least in my opinion)
Well, let me introduce you to The Curse Of The Flying Hellfish!
This modification is based off the 22nd episode of the 7th season - [Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"]
In which Bart and his beloved grandfather Abe fight Burns in order to retrieve the buried WW2 treasure, as a prize in a tontine
I cannot accurately replicate the episode in a mod, since it would just be boring, so I came up with an interesting alternative instead


It's an ordinary day in Springfield, you attend the Grandparents' day in school for Bart, take your medicine and just mind your own business until a mailvan drops a letter stating that Asa Phelps has died, leaving only you and Burns the remaining competitors in a tontine.
You meet Burns at the cemetary to mourn Asa's passing, but it's not over yet, since Burns has a different approach to the tontine.
Meet Fernandoe Vidal, a professional assassin who will try to kill you at any cost in order for Burns to claim the prize.
However, things go a bit differently than in the show itself, as Burns decides to steal all the treasure keys and hide them across the city!
Will you be able to dodge assassination attempts, retrieve all 9 keys in time and teach that old wrinkled monkey skeleton a lesson?

The modification features:

• 12 missions (8 story missions, 4 required bonus missions)
• 6 vehicle variations
• 7 collector cards
• Brand new story based off of your beloved episode
• And more!

The modification is freely decompilable and it's assets are free to use as long as you credit the author, i.e. me


Gameplay videos

Please note that the modification is in an eternal beta state! This means that it won't receive any updates unless a game-breaking bug is discovered. There's a very slim chance I might return and continue the development, but that's highly unlikely
This looks cool, Haven’t seen a campaign mod based of an episode before.

It will be a nice break from the cop-themed mod trend. I'd love to see how this turns out!
Added a banner so the thread actually looks like a proper mod thread, also, added two extra gameplay videos you might wanna watch if you missed them 👀
Looks great. Honestly can't wait for this bad boy
Cool! I can't wait to play this mod whenever after it comes out first
That was a great episode, the ending was really satisfying and I can't wait to see what you'll do with this mod :-)
Yet another thread update, featuring some better promotional material for the mod!

Also, I've added a link to a specific poll where you'll decide if I should release a demo version of the mod or not
The demo version, if it gets released, will feature missions 0 to 3, all jeep modifications (although some not available due to story progression) and a custom character skin
Hey there! The poll has been closed and the results are in
The demo version will be released sometime soon, can't really promise that it gets released really quick, especially since my PC had it's HDD practically destroyed, so now it's being repaired and I have no idea how long will it take and how much data will be lost
I'll try my best to restore all my data once the HDD's been replaced, and then prepare the mod for it's demo release, in the meantime, hold tight!
Ignore the upper post stating my HDD died, it actually didn't, and no one knows what actually happened
With that out of the way, I'm happy to announce that The Curse Of The Flying Hellfish is finally available! Although, in a demo state with only 5 missions (I know I've stated only 4 will be available, but hey, the more the merrier!)
Please note that it's more of a public beta release than an actual 100% demo, and most of things you see will potentially be changed!
The mod's large filesize is due to the amount of cutscenes in it, but don't worry, I'll make a separate cutscene-less version once the mod is finished
That is all, enjoy the mod!
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