Requesting Players for The Simpsons: Hit & Run Online

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se solicitan jugadores para los simpsons hit and run online
We are still a small/ish community and as a result of that and the multiplayer being outdated, nobody plays it often.
For the sake of consistency with another recent thread that was locked by another staff member, I really quickly changed the thread title to English. Please try to use a translator, as most of the community is primarily fluid in English!

Your best bet might be to try to head over to our Discord in order to organize a game. The nature of Discord is overall a bit better suited to organize a multiplayer game due to the quicker communication and voice chat.

(Apologies to OP, as I accidentally edited the original post without a proper backup.)
(Disculpas por OP, ya que accidentalmente edité la publicación original sin una copia de seguridad adecuada).
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