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Alright, so, preface. When I first set everything up for SHAR, I Kept running into a brick wall every time I attempted to set up my PS4 controller; Sure, it worked, relatively, however the menus were borderline unusable, and something simply overall felt... Off. However, using an external program and the built-in XInput Settings mod, I was able to get the PS4 Controller to work absolutely perfectly, Via disguising it as an xbox controller and, therefore, gaining the ability to use XInput.

The largest thing that you need to do is install Input Mapper(And have your PS4 controller connected via USB). After that has been set up and installed, you need to Open > Profiles > New Profile. It Should detect the controller and automatically apply xbox360 buttons onto it, however I would recommend changing either the Share or Options button to Esc, so you don't need to use your keyboard every time you access the menu (or have JoyToKey open in the background of SHAR as well as InputMapper). Make sure to click "Save" at the top.
At this point the controller should hopefully be converted to an xbox controller, and you can test this via going to Bar at the top >Tools > XInput Test. If it says Connected then, well, you're connected.

Finally, the last thing that you need to do is open Lucas' SHAR Mod Launcher, and navigate down to the XInput Mod at the bottom of the Settings tab. Make sure it is activated, then go into the settings, and make sure that Button Names: is set to Xbox 360, and Default Controls is set to Xbox. Run InputMapper in the background as SHAR runs.

And, Hopefully, Your controller is now completely set up. Of course, I would recommend going into the options in SHAR itself to edit the controls to your liking, and messing with InputMapper itself to make sure it's set up correctly. Lastly, I want to recommend the Controller Button Icons Mod By Colou so you don't need to wonder which button on your controller is [ACTION] every time you do something.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I'll do my best to try and help, and hope the community will do the same.
Awesome thread, thank you.
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