Where are the loading screen newspaper textures?

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Hey! Im new to modding and Im adding some inside jokes to the game like funny images of us and text and all that. I also wanted to change the loading screen newspaper to have a custom picture or headline on it. Where do I go to find this texture?
The newspaper files can be found at art\frontend\dynaload\images\loading, and the files used are loading#.p3d. The PNG versions of those files are unused and changes made to those will not appear in-game.
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How do I make the textures I made appear in game? Like how they're different in the Donut Mod
You need to use use Lucas' Pure3D Editor on the P3D files found in the directory Homer listed. From there, you can see an image sprite in each one. Right click that, and then select "Export image" from the context menu which opens. This allows you to save the image elsewhere, edit it with image editing software, and then import back into the P3D file, which should be placed within the mod.
I already tried that and for some reason it didn't show up
When you say 'it didn't show up', do you mean the edits don't appear in-game, or are you unable to view the Newspapers in Lucas' P3D Editor?

Make sure you're editing the ones present in the images/loading directory if it's the former! There are a couple of alternative language directories as well which have the Newspapers in other languages. Edits to those won't appear in-game if you're using the English release of the game.

If it's the latter, could you perhaps share a screenshot using Imgur to show what issues you're encountering?
Its the before, I made my own texture and imported it and it changed within the editor and I clicked save and everything. Loaded up Homer 1 and it didnt show up, only the normal newspaper
Apologies for the late reply. Have you made any progress in figuring out what the issue is?

If not, could you perhaps share:
  • An image of P3D Editor showing your imported edit?
  • What your mod folder directory looks like (where the edited image is in your mod)?

It definitely sounds like one of the issues mentioned above. I'd advise using Imgur.com or a similar image sharing website to showcase the issue. You can just use the print screen functionality on Windows to show screenshots of the two.
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