SHAR: New City in Springfield (MOD)

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Today this time, I want to bring you a mod, that many will be surprised, and that's right, a New city comes to Springfield! I assure you that all the buildings, all the trees, all the shops, etc., are made by Lucas Pure3D Editor!
This mod, simply add new buildings, banks, shops, stations, etc, with Lucas Pure3D Editor. If this mod is finished and it has a download link, notice that the buildings do not have collisions, since everything is done with Pure3D Editor, and also, to avoid that the SHAR crashes.


Download Link:

Credits to the authors of models used in this mod:
-Morgan Vain (Mapple and Channel 6 News)
-Nightbane/Surreal Bot (Thanoscopter)

really looking forward to this
New Update something Expected: The Mod of "SHAR: New City in Springfield", was released publicly, in a beta version, the mod is not complete yet, there are missing buildings to add, not to lose hope. Enjoy it!
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