A Long Long Night - Public Announcement/Refresh

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A Quick Foreword
Hello all, I deleted the previous thread for the mod because of it's age. Since I'm now working on this mod I didn't feel it was appropriate to bump the old thread. Plus since I'm now actively developing this mod, a fresh thread allows for me to better promote the mod.

A Long Long Night started it's life as a 80's/vapourwaveish mod featuring a significantly darker rendition of level 5 as the baseline staring Bart Simpson. The premise of the mod is Bart is trying to throw the biggest and baddest party in Springfield! With a obligatory VHS style font, custom HUD, and music better suited to match the theme of the mod. It has been a few years since I've worked on/released a modification for SHAR. My goal is to create a highly finished product, as my previous efforts weren't exactly good. Especially since I've been helping Nightbane test Annoy Squidward, I've been amazed at the quality and polish of what he has been up to. So as far as that's concerned, the bar is higher.

* Kenny Giles
* Morgan Kuno
* Nightbane
* Surreal Bot
* Tappie
* Weasel on a Stick

Special Thanks
* Donut Team - 3D Phonebooth Previews (I baked it into the mod)
* Macca - (Night sky, buildings, music, Ferrini ports)

* 11 Custom Missions (Including replacements for the Street Races)
* New Collectibles (TBD)
* New Vehicles
* Two difficulty modes - Normal and Hard

These previews are all subject to change.

GitHub Repo
Coming Soon!

Make sure to EXTRACT the mod using a program that can extract rar files to get the lmlm inside.

Q. Do you need any more beta testers?
A. Unfortunately I do not.

Q. How come you've taken such a long absence from the community?
A. Life. I'm gonna spare you the dirty laundry because it's none of your business lol. But times change, things change, people change.

Q. When can we expect a release date?
A. Unfortunately I cannot provide that either. This is because I used to be very bad with release dates, promising mods to release at X time or Y time and I simply didn't deliver. Because I used to engage in that behavior, a lot of veteran community members didn't take my modding efforts seriously (and rightfully so haha). Hell I was debating even making a thread because I don't want to make empty promises.

Q. How do we know you're actually gonna follow through and release the damn thing?
A. Only time will tell. I'm not asking or expecting anyone to not be critical of my past empty promises. So we'll just have to wait and see.
So glad Thomas got a present for us all
Ayy yoo, can't wait, long john dom!
A long long night is one of my favorite SHAR mods from my childhood. This is because I used to complete mission after mission in my 80's sportscar.
This looks really well done, love the theme. Gonna be awesome!
Can I play test this mod?
@Surreal Bot very funny lol
I've talked about licensed video games before.
Awesome looking mod, can't wait.
Wish you best of luck, pal! The premise sounds so exciting 👀
Good luck with this, Thomas! Hopefully this turns out great.
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