Crash on loading L3 M1

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When I try and load up L3 M1 using the mod launcher, the game just crashes. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, changing compatability modes & different mod releases and they have not worked. For reference, I’m using the disc version of Vivendi Bestsellers SHAR copy I bought from Amazon.

The game works fine when not using the launcher, so I’m unsure as what to do
This sounds like an odd one. Is Nerd Race Queen the only mission that causes the crash?
So I’ve tested it out, all missions from Level 3 and Level 5 Mission 1 are the levels that crash the game and send me back to my desktop. Going into 5-1 when already in Level 5 doesn’t seem to work either.

Edit: it’s worked! Had to completely uninstall and reinstall and all levels are now working.

Thank you for the help anyway!
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