The Definitive SHAR Vehicle Tier List

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[deleted user#1717]5 months
After much research into the topic, I've produced this tier list of the vehicles in SHAR. Rankings are based on how the vehicle performs in the level you unlock it in compared to other vehicles in that level.

Explanation for the tiers:

-"Perfect" tier: Vehicles that perform extremely well and are a great choice for any mission regardless of the level.
-"Great" tier: Vehicles that perform extremely well but aren't quite as versatile as those in Perfect.
-"Good" tier: Vehicles that perform well but are mostly outclassed by vehicles in Great or Perfect.
-"Average" tier: Vehicles that perform decently but are too middling or flawed to be overly useful.
-"Mediocre" tier: Vehicles that perform lesser than what you'd expect for the level.
"-Poor" tier: Vehicles that perform poorly regardless of the level.
"Trash" tier: Vehicles that are hilariously impractical and would be actively challenging to complete the easiest of missions with.

Reply if you agree or disagree with any of these placements, and I may update the list eventually with feedback.

Happy modding.
Nice to see someone else of the opinion that the ATV and R/C Buggy are pretty bad statistically, never really liked the spin-outs from slight collisions. Sad that the tier list doesn't include traffic vehicles though.
[deleted user#1717]5 months
I thought it was pretty common knowledge that they were both trash but I guess not. The RC car seems pretty fast since it's so tiny but really I think it has about the same top speed as the Family Sedan lol.

Traffic vehicles wouldn't really work for this list since most of them appear in multiple levels. Also, the tierlist I found online didn't include them lol.
in retrospect, I think the monster trunk is probably a bit more on the poor side due to its slightly better than the other cars in the trash tier.
I think there is a couple cars missing
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