Donut Team Status Update: Ask Us Anything

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  • Community Health doc when?
  • When
[deleted user#299]3 weeks
The Halloween mod contest went down pretty well. Will we see a Christmas one?
Is it true that Lisa is the most pedantic and annoying character in SHAR?
I have a couple questions so here goes nothing.

1. Will there be guidelines established for dealing with issues relating to community health?
(Those dealings aren't consistent, some situations actions are taken while in others action is not taken).
2. What criteria is required for a modification to have a badge on the website?
3. Can you give any updates on the mod curation platform "Bakery" that was mentioned a while ago?
  • How is the mod bakery coming along ?
  • What are the plans for Donut Mod Level 5 regarding the map ?
  • Can gags be produced using the Map Builder ?
  • Are there any plans for a new 'Lucas' tool ?
  • Is it time for a new UI in Lucas' Mod Launcher? Maybe something that shows mod icons off a bit more ?
  • How long until the Map Builder becomes publicly available ?
  • When will Giant Toilet '2' be released ?
can i get a staff autograph mailed to me? my ebay is looking pretty bare at the moment and i need to spruce it up a bit, ta x
[removed]3 weeks
Sorry about that one lol you said ask anything

Donut mod 4? French translations?
Pretty excited to see the new website launch, on topic of which, is there a specific date in mind?
Same goes for the mod bakery 🤔
Also, on topic of translations (yes I absolutely had to) - will there ever be a possibility of me(or anyone else really) assisting with one? Seeing that SHaR's getting more and more attention in the Russian community as well
I don't know if this is the right place to say this, but regarding Homer's question about DM2, I have a possibile idea for a re-release of it. In Downloads, there could be a "Discontinued/Unsupported Products" section where mods like Donut Mod 2 and other similarly discontinued projects can be stored. I get that It is a no more supported product, and thus it could also be released as open source or even not, just for a playing purpose.
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