Boxing Day

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This looks very good. Good work.
Some people are having issues running this in sharmp 32. I dont know why this wasnt discovered sooner. Jake doesnt want sharmp33 to be linked on the website for now so you will need to find a mirror for it. You can dm me on discord to get a link.

I looked into this. It looks like you were using FileSystemRCFs in order to not package a hard-coded car_tune.spt. My guess is that was so that the mod was compatible with other mods that added custom cars and modified the file in their CustomFiles. In order to get around this and make the mod work on sharmp32, you can do the following (I've tested this myself):

  1. In the Meta.ini, change RequiredHack=FileSystemRCFs to OptionalHack=FileSystemRCFs.
  2. In HandleSpt.lua, change the first 8 lines to the code in the below spoiler.
  3. Optionally remove the last line in HandleSpt.lua, is it's now an unused label.
  4. Extract the default car_tune.spt file from the scripts.rcf file, and place it in /Resources/spt/car_tune.spt.

Updated ReadFile code
local readSuccess, cartuneSpt = pcall(ReadFile, "/GameData/" .. GetPath())
if not readSuccess then
	cartuneSpt = ReadFile(GetModPath() .. "/Resources/spt/car_tune.spt")

This will result in the following:
If there is a mod with car_tune.spt in the CustomFiles folder, it will read that,
Else, if the FileSystemRCFs hack is present, it will read from that,
Else, it will read the hard coded one from your mod's directory.

I've uploaded a compiled version of those changes to my site for now, but let me know if you want me to remove it: Download Here

EDIT: I've just done another quick test. I had @Gibstack on sharmp 33 with your current release, and I ran sharmp 32 with this patch, and we could both join the same server and it worked as intended, so people won't need to change anything if they've already got the mod and sharmp 33.