SHAR One Down Mode Mod (my first mod)

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My first mod on this game. just starting off with something simple that just raises the difficulty of the game. I know this has been done lots of times, but I just want to increase the difficulty in my own way. my friend will be helping me make this mod and playtest it. the mod just make the times more strict and adds more objectives to most missions and buffing the AI on main missions bonus and race AI. but on some missions (primarily level 1) no matter how much I buff the AI they will still screw up. at the time of making this post I am still making changes to level 1. I am not looking for any beta testers atm. thanks for reading.
this mission is still being changed and will be different once finished. Is my friend helping me make the game and making some models. Fully Connected Map mod by Coluo Download his Map Mod here:
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