Donut Team Status Update: Ask Us Anything #2

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1. Has Whoa-is' tools negatively affected the progress on the Map Builder/Model Builder/Whatever the hell it's called?

2. What do the majority of new users come to the forum for? Multiplayer, Donut Team mods, community mods, support, or anything else?

3. Since those two mystery badges are never coming, what would they have been for?
Is there any new info on Donut Mod 4 levels 3 and 4 that you want to share? Also have you guys been able to sort out the issues with Multiplayer 33?
hello are you going to add functionality to the Sharmp32 Mod? online it has to say missions to earn unique items and street races and more.
Will Sea Captain Loren make a return for any of the future updates?
Will Sea Captain Loren make a return for any of the future updates?
Have you ever gotten a fish bone lodged in your throat? (mainly asking Jake but I guess any of the team members could chime in)
Any information or ideas on when the Donut Mod 4 will be Finalized?
Will the Donut Team utilise colou's connected map? Perhaps add the industrial zone? Develop a day/night cycle? Continue to push the limits?
Do you have any plans on improving DT discord server? 82 unused emoji slots feels like a waste and currently that server is mainly used for #modding-help

Do you have any plans on filling DTdocs TODO's? Feels weird that there's so much documentation for an unreleased model builder, but almost all pages for 18-year old vanilla SHAR script commands are empty. Maybe you could implement community-driven wiki that allows certain members to contribute to it?

What plans do you have for DT forums system? Will we finally be able to see a full list of every single "content system" mod (maybe sorted by playtime, release date, upvotes etc.) Any plans to deal with very old threads being bumped? (I think I suggested a "bump this thread?" checkbox some time ago)
Will there ever be a way to add more enemy types? The wasp cameras are iconic but more variety would really spice up the mods.