Where's Maggie?! - A Nightmarish Adventure [ANNOUNCEMENT]

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In a mysterious world, where ghosts are haunting and islands are floating, random people started appearing. Confused, scared and lost, our heroes try to escape this weird nightmare, but there's a problem. Homer and his family cannot escape, because Maggie went missing.

Team up with Homer and his friends to find and save Maggie from the evil that lies within this nightmare.

Floating islands, Metal Coffin cars, magic barriers and a lot of other features await You in this mod!

Coming this February, a gameplay you've never seen before! It'll be time to save Maggie!
okay this is already getting bonus point for having frink wear his modern labcoat lol
Hello, wimpy,

This is not a Mod Jam entry mod, this is just a Campaign Mod I'm creating. I cannot participate in my own contest, since I'm the host and the judge. However, thank You for Your opinion.

Happy modding!
how many cars and characters in this mod oh even what map will be take plase
I regret to inform, that WM is post-poned for 2-3 weeks, because I got some unexpected yet unsurprising work bullsh*t to do. Will continue development as soon as I possibly can. Stay tuned!

Happy modding,
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